Pink Sock Monkey

Today is Thursday!

Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink Monkey forgot to update on her Mr. Obama-celebrating chili!  She was quite proud of herself because she didn’t look at any recipe.  She just dumped a bunch of food together.  She figured that food was yummy so this should be yummy too.

Mr. Obama-celebrating chili

And it was even better the next day warmed up in the awesome microwave and then with sour cream and little pieces of cheese swirled in it.  It was like a sundae, except with chili instead of ice cream, sour cream instead of whipped cream, and cheese instead of sprinkles.  So not really like a sundae after all, but it was fun to pretend.


Tonight, Pink Monkey’s best friend and partner in monkey crime requested fish for dinner.  Specifically, fish with an orange-flavored asian sauce.  More specifically, fish with an orange-flavored asian sauce with orange rind in it.  

Pink Monkey was happy to oblige because she loves her partner in monkey crime very much.  You ask Pink Monkey, you get what you ask for!


Look, I made sausage too!

Look, I made sausage too!


Pink Monkey also made sausage.  Her partner in monkey crime likes sausage.   He ate a lot of the sausage.  Monkey also made brussel sprouts.  With bacon.  She ate a lot of the brussel sprouts.  Mmmm.  Bacon.  

Now they’re very full for food and happiness.  They’re going to go to bed and watch TV.  Pink Monkey has to watch The Unit tonight, because last time she got to watch Indochine.