Pink Sock Monkey

Home-hunting and a garbage surprise!

Posted on Saturday, February 8, 2009

It’s a day for driving around to empty homes to see if they want to spend all their monkey dollars to live there!

Pink Monkey and her partner in monkey crime finally heard back from their broker who told them how much money the big businesses will give them to have their first monkey abode.  They’re both very excited.  While the loan dollars are probably just pocket change for Mr. Buffett, to Pink and Blue Monkey, it’s the start of a place to call their own.   They look forward to using it and then repaying it for the next 3 to 4 decades of their monkey lives.

Pink Monkey’s partner in monkey crime is such a handy monkey that even if they get a home with lots of holes and broken floors, he can fix it up in no time with his handy monkey paws.  Look at the amazing wooden stairs that he made!

Amazing wooden stairs!

Amazing wooden stairs!

They’ve been talking to their fellow monkey friends about their home-hunt excursions.  On Friday, they had dinner with friends at an italian place that was so sardine-packed busy inside that they had to eat out on the patio in the windy cold rain.  The owner was very nice and gave the girl monkeys’ blankets to wrap around their legs.  Pink Monkey’s was a plaid blanket that made her think of scottish people and the skirts the men wear and the one boy who wore his to school one day when Monkey was a teenager and all the other boys in the school beat him up after classes were over.  He never wore his plaid skirt again.  

Anyways, they all shared a cheese ball for an appetizer and then Monkey had ravioli with a pink shrimp sauce.  Monkey likes pink.  It makes her feel happy inside.  Then they went to play Apples to Apples which is a game that has nothing to do with apples or apples but rather nouns that go with verbs like touchy-feely is to Helen Keller like awesome is to Monkey’s microwave.  

Then yesterday Monkey’s partner in monkey crime made her another delicious breakfast with perfect eggs that sat in cups just waiting to be eaten.

Egg Cup Breakfast

For such a strong manly monkey, he sure makes delectable dishes.

Then last night they went to dinner at a friend’s house who live in a nice neighborhood in a cozy home with a yard and trees and rooms for their three kids and lots of light and laughter and it made Pink and Blue Monkey think that that would be a wonderful thing to look forward to for their home where they can have all their monkey friends over for food, warmth and fun and she can make make them barbeque or chili or pizza like the one she made the other night.

Pizza and salad

But the best surprise of all was when they came home last night.  In a big dumpster right by their condo was a brand-new friend waiting to be friends with Pink Monkey!  So Monkey rescued her brand-new friend from the garbage and now he has a new home with Monkey and her partner in monkey crime.  He’s a little dirty and smelly right now, but he’s going to take a bath soon.  His name is Eeyore.

Me and my brand-new friend I found in the garbage.  His name is Eeyore.

Me and my brand-new friend I found in the garbage. His name is Eeyore.


Today is Thursday!

Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink Monkey forgot to update on her Mr. Obama-celebrating chili!  She was quite proud of herself because she didn’t look at any recipe.  She just dumped a bunch of food together.  She figured that food was yummy so this should be yummy too.

Mr. Obama-celebrating chili

And it was even better the next day warmed up in the awesome microwave and then with sour cream and little pieces of cheese swirled in it.  It was like a sundae, except with chili instead of ice cream, sour cream instead of whipped cream, and cheese instead of sprinkles.  So not really like a sundae after all, but it was fun to pretend.


Tonight, Pink Monkey’s best friend and partner in monkey crime requested fish for dinner.  Specifically, fish with an orange-flavored asian sauce.  More specifically, fish with an orange-flavored asian sauce with orange rind in it.  

Pink Monkey was happy to oblige because she loves her partner in monkey crime very much.  You ask Pink Monkey, you get what you ask for!


Look, I made sausage too!

Look, I made sausage too!


Pink Monkey also made sausage.  Her partner in monkey crime likes sausage.   He ate a lot of the sausage.  Monkey also made brussel sprouts.  With bacon.  She ate a lot of the brussel sprouts.  Mmmm.  Bacon.  

Now they’re very full for food and happiness.  They’re going to go to bed and watch TV.  Pink Monkey has to watch The Unit tonight, because last time she got to watch Indochine.

Yay Mr. Obama!

Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2009

Pink Monkey had an exciting morning watching Mr. Obama become the president-man of the United States!  

Monkey is proud to be a member of the states that are united under America.  Monkey got goose pimples listening to Mr. Obama.  It’s weird when Monkey gets goose pimples, she starts staring at them for a long time.

Me and Mr. Obama saying Hi!

Me and Mr. Obama saying Hi!


Me and Mrs. Obama.  I think she's pretty.

Me and Mrs. Obama. I think she's pretty.

Monkey heard from her sister who got to walk the long mall at the city of Washington D.C. and be there for all the festivities.  Monkey was jealous but happy.  It was okay because Monkey made Mr. Obama-celebrating chili in her slow cooker and she gets to eat that.

Sundays are Great!

Posted on Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pink Monkey had a very stay-at-home, not-doing-anything-really-exciting, but still a great day today.  Her partner in monkey crime made breakfast while she dabbled on the great World Wide Web looking up chili recipes.  One of Mr. Obama’s favorite food is chili so Monkey wants to make chili to celebrate when he gets to be the president in the big white house in the city of Washington D.C.! Yay Mr. Obama!  She’s going to make cornbread too.

While Monkey cut and pasted many chili recipes, she didn’t realize that her partner in monkey crime was making such a delectable breakfast.

Eggs Benedict a la James


Poached eggs with hollandaise on a cracker pancake with prosciutto.  And that’s a nice hunk-a manchego cheese with creamy olives on top.  Monkey was very happy to eat this.  She’s lucky to have such a great breakfast-maker as her monkey crime partner.  This got her very distracted from Mr. Obama-celebrating chili.  

Then Monkey practiced her cello. 


I'm practicing my cello

I'm practicing my cello



Monkey still doesn’t play her cello very well, but she’s very proud of it.  His name is Jeremy.  His full name is Jeremy the Cello.


Me and my cello.  His name is Jeremy the Cello.

Me and my cello. His name is Jeremy the Cello.


Dinnertime came so soon.  They had leftover beef burgundy that Monkey made in the crockpot.  It was the first time she made food in the crockpot.  It was more runny than she wanted but it still tasted yummy.  

She also made green beans.  She used the microwave.  She loves using the microwave.  If the microwave wasn’t filled with radiation, Monkey would live there all the time.

Beef Burgundy and Green Beans


After dinner they plan to finish watching The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.  Monkey loves that movie.  Sometimes she doesn’t even need to see it, she just thinks about a scene and she laughs.