Pink Sock Monkey

Wow, it’s been forever!

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2009

Monkey hasn’t written in so long.  She looked at the date of her last entry and realized that she’s no longer even in the same month of February!!  Oh no, not even in the same month as her partner in monkey crime’s birthday, no longer in the same month of valentine hearts and chocolate kisses.   No longer in the same  month as the monkey adventures that she had last month.

So where to begin?  Hmmmm….

Well, there was a birthday macaroni and cheese….


Skiing down the snow slopes of the Big Scary Bear Mountain….


Just look at the Blue Monkey’s boots!  He’s so handsome, thinks Pink Monkey


Valentine kisses and pop rock chocolate bars…


Pink Monkey’s partner in monkey crime wasn’t too keen the chocolate that popped in your mouth like tiny bug explosions, but Pink Monkey thought it was sparkalicious.

Pink and Blue Monkey put a bid on a condo!  They offered monkey dollars to buy a place to live in that they can call their own!  It didn’t matter that it wasn’t their monkey dollars, but rather the bank’s monkey dollars, but one day, 30 years from now, it might be all theirs!


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