Pink Sock Monkey

Ahh, work sweet work

Posted on Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today is one of those rainy days where Monkey had a hot mug of morning tea, a black milky tea she makes from a bag just like her three-in-one coffee.  Now it’s the afternoon and Pink Monkey wants another tea to warm her up while all the rain drip-drops on the balcony outside.  

Milky Tea

This is what Monkey drinks.  It’s hard to read, but on the tea bag it says: Make a Healthy Beautifully Wish.  Monkey is going to do just that.  She likes to make healthy beautifully wishes.  Maybe it’s an asian thing.

This morning Monkey had her cello lesson where she learned one of the most important lessons of her life.  She was playing a Schroeder exercise for her teacher.  After she was done, he said, “Your notes are right, the dynamics are right,but….there’s not much emotion in it.”

That’s when Monkey realized that she was so concerned about playing the correct notes, getting the technical parts exact and following the musical instructions to a Tee, that she totally forgot to actually PLAY THE MUSIC!  Sometimes this happens in Monkey’s life.  She’s so worried about doing the right thing, she forgets to just live and be.

Me and my cello metronome.  It helps me keep rhythm when I practice.  This often makes me nervous and focus on getting it right instead of just enjoying the music.

Me and my cello metronome. It helps me keep rhythm when I practice. This often makes me nervous and focus on getting it right instead of just enjoying the music.


Monkey’s also been on the computer a lot these days, tic-tac-ing on keys, uploading files, moving folders, creating portfolios, PDFs, JPGs, DOCs, PSDs, MOVs, ABCs and 123s.  It’s like a click click clacking dance that all happens in the screen on her lap.  Sometimes her eyes hurt after awhile.  


I'm working on the computer

I'm working on the computer

Don’t tell anyone, but Pink Monkey wears glasses.  She wishes she didn’t have to, likes to pretend she doesn’t, but in fact, she’s a four-eyed monkey.

Dinner update!  The other night Pink Monkey and her partner in monkey crime made shrimp and cheesy grits with asparagus.  This took Monkey back to her southern belle roots.  Of course when she was a young southern belle, she hated grits, abhorred vegetables, disliked seafood, and only really wanted to eat chocolate for every meal.  

Anyways, Blue Monkey grilled the shrimp to crispy perfection and Pink Monkey enjoyed herself very much.  There was even enough shrimp left over to make shrimp po’boys with coleslaw for next day’s dinner.  Pink Monkey sighs because this reminds her of good ol’ southern Virginny and the Carolinas. 

Shrimp for Grits

Asparagus for Shrimp


Oh boy, Po' Boys!

Oh boy, Po' Boys!

Monkey is still working hard on her picture-taking.  She wants everyone to enjoy the visual images with their eyeballs oh so much.  Maybe she’s trying too hard like her cello-playing.  Maybe she should enjoy the pictures just the way they are.

Monkey also feels like this post is rather discursive.  She wishes she could be more poetic.  Like the Tao Te Ching which she just read but still has a long way to go to actually absorb its meaning.  Words that resound more than its letters.  Sentences that serenade like Tosca does for Scarpio before she stabs him in the chest.  Really good poetic-ness like that.


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