Pink Sock Monkey

Today is a pretty Saturday

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009

How lucky Monkey feels that she can have a pretty Saturday like today.  It could have been a lonely pretty Saturday, since her partner in monkey crime was off at the family ranch chopping trees and climbing up to mountain springs.  But Pink Monkey decided that today was a not-lonely pretty Saturday but just a pretty Saturday.

First, she slept in to get her monkey snoozes, then she went swimming in the warm water pool.  There were other people swimming, even one woman who had a noodle under her arms so all she did was paddle her feet all morning long.    

After breakfast, Monkey practiced her cello scales and Schroeder exercises.  Then she cleaned lots of clothes in the washing machine because monkey clothes get stinky just like everyone else’s.  What fun.  But it feels good to have things spic-and-span.

Then Pink Monkey got to read and have her thoughts float in different places without trying too hard to think and not think.  And she got to reminisce about all the wonderful meals she and her partner in monkey crime got to eat this past week.  It was fun to cook things like chicken in cherry-olive sauce with polenta, steak surprise with fried rice and chopped brussel sprouts, and especially the yummy carnitas.

Cherry Chicken with Polenta
Steak Surprise



Her partner in monkey crime also made refried beans to go with the carnitas.  The beans were delicious and creamy like chocolate pudding except made with beans, not chocolate.  After dinner, when he wasn’t looking, Pink Monkey licked the bowl and spoon of the refried beans.  It was like licking a bowl of brownie batter.  A bowl of refried bean brownie batter.  Beans.  Brownies.  Mmmm.

Monkey’s excited because tonight is date night.  When Blue Monkey comes home from being a ranchhand cowboy monkey, he’s taking her out to paint the town red, and also pink, because Monkey thinks pink is very beautiful too.

So Monkey’s probably going to put on a pretty monkey dress, fix up her new hair cut and maybe pretend she’s a famous person because that’s how lucky she feels.  She can’t wait!


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