Pink Sock Monkey

Saturday Morning Dreams

Posted on Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Monkey and Blue Monkey had a whirlwind morning this morning.  Blue Monkey is Pink Monkey’s partner in monkey crime.  They’ve been thinking about getting their own place, their own house and monkey abode!  But dreams are sometimes bigger than the size of their monkey pockets and they’ve been learning that a happy monkey’s home is where their monkey hearts can play together without all that monster weight on their little heads.  The monster weight is made up of those pieces of paper that say IOU and is also called debt, or mortgage, or you’re-living-here-but-it’s-not-really-your-house-until-30-years-from-now-when-you’re-hopefully-lucky-to-have-paid-it-off.  Monkey doesn’t like that monster weight hanging around.  They’re like big hard boogers in her nose that she can’t seem to get out.  It makes her unhappy and no one really likes to hang around when you got big boogers in your nose.   

So Pink and Blue Monkey have been realizing that dreams are pretend and homes are for real.  And they want a real home.  And that takes work and patience.  That way Pink and Blue Monkey can be happy.


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  1. * bluesockmonkey says:

    Pink Sock Monkey:

    You are the adorabalest!

    Blue Sock Monkey

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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